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Language Training Programs-

For domestic training, we focus on English language training. Our foreign teachers are paired with Chinese teachers to ensure that students can get a clear understanding of the material. Market surveys show that this is an effective way to improve the students ability to learn quickly and without confusion, maximizing classroom learning time. In order to boost student interest and enthusiasm our teachers employ inter-active methods of English education. Our classes are designed to entertain and hold students interests by making the students part of the learning process rather than lecturing motionless behind a podium. Teachers are provided training on student inclusion and participation and are greatly encouraged to personalize their classes and think creatively to maximize their strengths. The classroom experience should be fun for both the teacher and the student! We also organizes summer and winter language camps, English corners, and English contests.

Always with an eye on the future, International Education in currently planning to send our highly qualified Chinese professors to foreign countries to teach Chinese language. We are also currently organizing exchange visits between Chinese students and foreign students serving the purpose, not only of language exchange and development, but also of promoting global and cultural understanding and awareness.

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