Tianjin is a river city with abundant resources located along the sea.  The 72 kilometer long Haihe River, the so called mother river, runs through the center of the city and into the west bank of the Pacific Ocean.  The past and present of the city is reflected on the two sides of the river, turning, changing and evolving.  Industry, commerce, economy and culture come into existence along the river and become prosperous along the sea.  Here, you will hear new and touching stories everyday.

Tianjin city is the 4th largest city in China, conveniently located 30 minutes from Beijing by bullet train.  The advantages of Tianjin over other major cities is its low cost of living in comparison to other major cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing.  In addition, 

Tianjin has all the major amenities of a major city.  It has an international airport, access to high speed trains, as well as 'Western’food, clothes, and restaurants at low prices.  Tianjin is a combination of a fast paced city life mixed with traditional culture.

Do not wait come live in Tianjin!

Tianjin is home to numerous parks, shopping districts (outdoor and indoor), major universities, European architecture, traditional Chinese architecture, sporting venues, modern and traditional entertainment, restaurants, and landmarks. 


Dule Temple, Great Wall at Huangya Pass, Haihe River Walk, Mt.Panshan, Ancient Cultural Street, Tianjin Financial Center, Olympic Stadium, Tianhou Palace, and many many more!


● Buy a City Card to get around the city on bus or metro. (Buy anywhere on metro line #1)

 Taxis; flag down or use Didi app to get one to come to you.

● Bike (Mobike, Offo); Download their app and pay a small deposit.

Traveling from Tianjin
● High speed train about 30 minutes from Beijing
● High speed train about 4.5 hours to Shanghai
● High speed train about 6 hours to Xi'an
● There are many more places that are a short trip from Tianjin
● Tianjin also offers an international airport

Food (Prices)

 Most meals cost about 20rmb for a typical meal at a restaurant.  There are a wide variety of choices in prices and styles of restaurant. 

 Street food vendors can be found throughout the city for 5-8rmb

 There is a wide variety of seafood, fruits, vegetables, and other foods for low prices available at small stores, outdoor markets and major supermarkets.

Common Local Dishes

● Baozi: 包子, Zhagao: 炸糕, Jianbing Guozi: 煎饼果子, Mahua: 麻花, Jiaozi: 饺子

Living expenses (Prices in rmb)

● Internet (1000-1400 yearly) - Depends on company and plan

● Rent (1000—3000 per month) - Depends on area and size of apartment

● Utilities (Water 40, Electricity 100-200, Gas 5-8)

● Mobile (100 per month)

● Food (1000-1500 per month)

***NOTE—These prices vary depending on personal preference and monthly use.  These figures are averages.