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   Frequently Asked Questions:

  Tianjin in Pictures:

Q:  Why to choose Tianjin?

A:   Tianjin is known in China for clear Mandarin accent and not using many slang words, its a great place to learn Chinese

   Big international community of students and expats

   The cost of living is lower than in other big cities in China but the pay is higher

   As a coastal city Tianjin is famous for sea food dishes

   The subway/metro transportation system covers the whole city

   The location of Tianjin makes it easy travel either North to Harbin, South to Shanghai or East to Xian by the bullet train (travel distance is about 4-5 hours by the fast train), or even to travel to Japan or South Korea

   Tianjin, just like many cities in China, is very safe. Probably safer than your own hometown.

   Tianjin is a very developed city with lots of shopping malls, fast-food restaurants and supermarkets

   There is nearly no staring at foreigners from the Chinese local people. These days foreigners can be seen everywhere.

Q:  Why to choose International Education?

A:   There are not many education centers like us who offer teaching positions directly at official public or semi-private schools. This gives the teacher a touch with the real life in China

   The regular morning and afternoon schedule (no evening classes or office hours) from Monday to Friday gives the teacher time to plan his weekend or evening activities

   International Education is a very professional education company with more than 15 years of experience with Chinese and foreign staff who really care about its teachers

   The pay day is always the last working day of the month

Q:  Do I need to Speak Chinese?

A:  No:  The knowledge of Chinese language is not required. You will work as oral English teacher and your goal will be to communicate with students in English. In case of misunderstanding, your goal will be to give an explanation in English, making students improve their language skills.

Q:  Do I need a Teaching Degree?

A:  No:  We do not require you to have a teaching degree.  However we do require that you have a Bachelors Degree or a TEFL/TESL certificate.

Q:  Where will I live?

A:  That Depends:  If you choose to find your own accommodations then it is totally up to you.    Apartments come furnished with a TV, beds, sofa/chairs, fridge, stove, and a washing machine. 

Q:  What kind of training will I receive?

A:  You will go through a one week training program:  We will provide you with one week of unpaid training.  This will include observing experienced teachers and their methods.  Towards the end of your training you will assist another foreign teacher in presenting materials to classes.  We will not just throw you out in front of a class unprepared.

Q:  How will I be paid?

A:  This is very important:  You will be paid once per month.  Most importantly we will open a bank account for you here in China.  You will receive an ATM card that can be used nationwide.  Your pay will be direct deposited to your account.  Why is this important?  Be very wary of any company that insists on paying you in cash.  This may mean that they are not reporting your pay to the government.  If this is the case they could be subject to legal action and if they are you will be drawn into it and may lose your visa!  We conduct all business above board and in line with government tax and immigration laws. 

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Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden


Tianjin Scenery

Beautiful Architecture

Tianjin Scenery

Tianjin Scenery

Tianjin Scenery

Tianjin Scenery

Yangliuqing Painting

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