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International Education offers quality English education to both children and adults.
  We provide courses in both written and oral English, as well as courses in art and culture.  We strive to provide quality education that will increase students Teach With Yuming
courses in art and culture.  We strive to provide quality education that will increase students English skills for work, academics and business.  In most cases our students have some basics as the average Chinese student receives six years of English language education in Public Schools. International Education offers specialized classes to raise the level of language education students receive in school and gives students the advantage of learning from native speakers.  We offer a teacher training program to give you the tools to be an effective teacher while still giving you the freedom to incorporate your own style of teaching.  If you'd like  to learn more click the button below!


International Education is based in Tianjin, one of China's largest cities and only about one hour away by train from Beijing.

Central Location

Tianjin is a host city for the Olympic Summer Games Soccer Matches in 2008!  Not only that but Tianjin is a major stop on China's large, integrated rail network, meaning you can hop a train to almost anywhere!  Click on the link below to find out more about life in Tianjin and China!  Tianjin, like Shanghai and Beijing, is also one of the major engines of China's new exploding economy.

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We recruit teachers from English speaking countries around the world.  Whether you are American, Canadian or a Kiwi your experience creates a diversity of education that benefits our students and makes our company a true global family.  To find out more go to our Contract & Benefits page or click on the link below.

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